Water Efficiency Calculations

As part of building regulations Approved Document G, Water Efficiency Calculations are required to demonstrate the water use of a dwelling, calculated in litres per person per day, meet the required targets.

At Consult Construct, we can advise you in meeting these targets and calculations to support and demonstrate your compliance with the regulatory standards.

Building Overheating Analysis

With the improved building fabric and air permeability standards introduced over the past decade, overheating of new buildings has become increasingly apparent. Consequently, the Government has identified this as a key issue to be addressed in the Future Homes Standard.

At Consult Construct, we are aware of these new requirements. Our team is able to provide dynamic overheating and thermal comfort assessments to identify and mitigate otherwise unknown design issues.

Air & Sound Testing Services

Working with our partners, and using skilled and accredited engineers, Consult Construct are able to provide efficient and cost-effective air pressure and sound testing services to meet your development targets.