Boundary Disputes

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Boundary Disputes

Consult Construct, as a leading UK chartered surveyors Kent service, are ideally suited to help you with any queries you have about Boundary Disputes.   By understanding some of the areas in which these occur, you will be better able to avoid some of the pitfalls.

One of the major problems with such disputes is with the parties not being able to accurately describe and record their boundaries, and as long ago as 1862 since Land Registry set up, this has not improved.

Generally, boundary disputes arise through the lack of one landowner’s not agreeing with all the considerations of owners of adjoining land.  There are less boundary disputes between owners commercial or agricultural neighbours than those between two adjacent residential properties.

As chartered valuation surveyors, we can value your house with the disputed fence where it now stands, then with the disputed fence in the place where you (or perhaps your neighbour) would like it moved to, then see if there is any difference in the two valuations.  Consult Construct are experienced in working with parties involved in boundary disputes but when matters cannot be eventually mutually agreed, then they can advise on taking the route to alternative disputes resolution procedures such as expert determination, mediation and arbitration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you have a property with a “fixed boundary” or a “determined boundary”, it can be difficult to pin down exactly where your boundaries lie as the documentation through Land Registry only shows the general positioning of the boundaries.  Consult Construct are an experienced surveying company – we can help you to find the true boundaries for your property.  Contact us for more information and to seek advice in this area.

Again, this is a blurry area.  It is often no use going straight to Land Registry or to the Ordnance Survey maps – the best option is to take on the services of a professional and skilled surveyor.  Contact us here at Consult Construct to find out how we can help you to resolve your boundary disputes.

In a word, no.  Under normal circumstances, as the title deeds are a private document they are not in the public domain.  It is up to your neighbour to allow you to see them!  However, it is possible to purchase the title deeds from the Land Registry.  All deeds are available to purchase.  As a general rule of thumb, it is best to allow an experienced surveyor to help you resolve any boundary disputes.  Contact us now to help you with your boundary dispute.

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