Building Defect Report

Regarding concerns focused on more individual aspects of a property, a Defect Report may be a more viable and cost-effective option than a Full Building survey or Homebuyers survey. Defect Reports can address issues including cracking, settlement, subsidence, structural movement, dry and wet rot, water ingress, as well as condensation.

A Surveyor will carry out an investigation of the specified area and produce a detailed report of any damage or defects that are found and what damage will occur if no action is taken, and will then make recommendations for the most suitable type of repair works to the client. These recommendations will outline the works required, and can also include a budgeting estimate and time scale for the repair works.

Defect Reports produced by our professionals are useful in many ways. They not only allow a client to understand specifically what defects have occurred and why, as well as the costs of potential remedial actions, but are also useful in resolving potential legal disputes, allowing clients to confidently obtain a competitive quotation, with a clear route for repair.