Having an extension built onto your property is a really exciting project to undertake.  As this is a major building project, likely to cost a considerable amount and cause some disruption, it is certainly worth getting an experienced chartered surveyors Kent on board to help take you through the process from start to finish.

Choosing to extend your property is a great way to add value and much needed space to a small building.  It is of course, not an easy project and there are many things to consider when undertaking this kind of building work.  There are a number of reasons why Consult Construct are the ideal choice when it comes to appointing a surveyor to oversee your home extension:

  • We can offer advice on the types of property which have potential for extending or expanding
  • We are highly experienced in dealing with Local Authorities, understanding planning laws and how to comply with current Building Regulations – even with Listed buildings
  • We can help you to find and appoint a reliable building contractor, vital when undertaking a large project!
  • Should your project unexpectedly run into any problems, we can offer advice and support to help you in your time of need

Before beginning any home improvement project, it is always worth getting in contact with Consult Construct to ensure your project runs smoothly and produces the results you are hoping for.

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It is sometimes possible to build an extension without the need for planning permission, however it all depends on the size and type of structure you are planning to build.  Our team at Consult Contruct can offer expert advice in this area to help you stay well within the rules and regulations for your property extension.

It is always advisable to inform your neighbours if you are planning to make an extension to your property.  Whether the extension is large enough to require planning permission or not, it is generally a thoughtful thing to do.  Consult Construct are always on hand to offer advice and support in dealing with all issues arising from planning an extension to your home.

Consult Construct are highly experienced in all areas of construction works including home and property extensions.  We can advise on the types of property which would benefit from extending, through to submitting plans and managing the project.  You can rely on us to ensure your project runs smoothly and successfully.

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