Health and Safety

Consult Construct services puts the Health and Safety of its employees and customers at the cutting edge of everything we do. We continue to embrace and respond to any legislative changes as they emerge and have a key spotlight on the training and development of all our staff. We embrace a disciplined and systematic methodology in every aspect of Health and Safety ensuring all out compliance. Our business has a solid health and safety culture resulting in a fantastic safety record. This reflects exactly the amount of time and exertion we invest our staff and systems.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System has been produced to meet the necessities of ISO14001 details.

The organization’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management System is utilized to add to its health, safety and environmental policy and deal with its risks. It includes the authoritative structure, planning exercises, obligations, hones, methods, procedures and assets for establishing its policy and destinations and for achieving its objectives.

Each of our employees has a legitimate commitment to take sensible consideration of their own health and safety, and for the health and safety of other individuals who may be influenced by their acts or oversights. Full points of interest of the association, obligations and plans for Health and Safety are contained within our Health and Safety Policy.

Consult Construct is focused on ensuring the minimum of Health and safety risk for our employees, our customer’s employees and for individuals from the overall population. All things considered, the majority of our Operational employees embrace an obligatory Health and Safety induction. All field staff are given an induction training arrangement which includes training.

Consult Construct additionally have a pro-active approach to ongoing training both internally and remotely and provide in-house systems customized to meet our agents and customer’s needs and also any legislative prerequisites in health and safety. We continually survey abilities to meet the Company’s goals and feasible arrangements. All employees are urged to share the obligation regarding identifying training needs with a specific end goal to meet present and future work objectives that will benefit them, Consult Construct and our customers.

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– Risk Assessment Workshop
– Safe Working on Ladders and Steps (including inspection)
– Asbestos Awareness (reviewed for refresher annually)
– Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (IPAF)
– Mobile Towers (PASMA or PASMA Advanced)
– CSCS as applicable to trade and Manual Handling Techniques

Please note that this is not a comprehensive rundown of training provided but rather a selection we execute as a bare minimum to new employees where fundamental.