Listed Building Application Kent

If you own a listed building and wish to make alterations in a way which ultimately changes the character or look of the building it may be necessary to seek permission through the local council or planning authority.  Depending on what you are planning to do, this step might not be required.  Here at Consult Construct, we can offer guidance and support every step of the way through the process.

Listed building consent is sought through the local planning authority and covers any work required to be undertaken to internal or external parts of the building (which affect character).  These alterations can be small, such as painting gates and walls! Sometimes the consent is even required for works within the grounds of a listed building – hence this is certainly an area of your building project to take seriously.

If you were to undertake a building project on a listed building having not gained the appropriate listed building consent, the penalties imposed can be very severe – it is actually a criminal offence to make changes to a listed building without gaining consent!  Luckily, Consult Construct understand how to work with listed building and all the relevant paperwork which must be organised prior to starting a project.

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Listed Building Consent is a necessary piece of legal documentation sought from the local authorities to effectively give permission to make alterations or changes to a listed building.  It helps to ensure that the original character of listed buildings is preserved as the building ages and requires repairs, maintenance and structural changes.

Applying for Listed Building Consent is a similar process to applying for planning permission.  The local authority will have procedures in place for seeking consent.  In any case, Consult Construct’s chartered surveyors Kent are highly experienced in handling applications of this sort and are an ideal choice.

Generally, if repairs are going to be identical then it is unlikely that consent will be needed.  We can advise you on this as part of our service when managing building works on Listed Buildings.

Consult Construct are highly experienced in all areas of building works on Listed Buildings.  for this reason, we are an excellent choice for your listed building needs.  As we have specialised skills when it comes to Listed Buildings, you know that your property is in safe hands and your build project will run smoothly from start to finish.

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