Planned Preventative Maintenance

Consult Construct offers Planned Preventative Maintenance surveys to ensure that potential issues are dealt with effectively before maintenance of items is no longer possible, with replacement being the only economical option. Surveys are used to keep properties in a good state of repair, balancing cash flow and sinking funds with the client’s requirements. Ultimately, if implemented correctly by clients, reactive works should be reduced, allowing funds to be focused on competitively priced, cyclical repairs.

Consult Construct’s surveyors Kent will produce in-depth surveys and assessments to highlight potential issues or faults, and create plans and strategies, allowing for clients to deal with such issues before a problem arises. Our PPM survey will also ensure that any works required within the set time frame, typically 10 years, are planned properly and effectively, allowing for easier and higher quality completion of work.

In addition, Consult Construct will create planned maintenance schedules, specifically tailored to each individual client, ensuring their properties are properly maintained, as well as providing budget costs for works, making sure clients can budget accordingly for future maintenance and repair works, distributing costs evenly, minimizing disruptions, and preventing costly reactive repair works.

Furthermore, our Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule will prevent the degradation of properties, allowing clients to maintain and improve the value and attractiveness of their assets.

Finally, Planned Preventative Maintenance will make sure that all Health and Safety, and fire safety requirements are met effectively, where reports are provided for inclusion, by the client.