Pre-Planning Advice

Did you know that not all building projects need planning permission?  As long as the works fit under certain rules and regulations, these projects can class as “permitted development” projects.  One way to find out for certain is to use Consult Constructs Pre-Planning Advice service.  Here, we can ascertain for you if the works you are hoping to complete will need full planning permission.

In the event that planning permission is required, we can then set the ball rolling and help you to save money and time by getting your application correctly completed, first time.

Planning permission is a very important part of the majority of larger scale building works.  As the rules determining planning permission are quite long and complex, it is often a good idea to seek the help of a well-established company who have a good understanding of the ins and outs of planning a project.  This is why Consult Construct are an ideal choice to help you get your building project off the ground.

If you were to undertake a building project on a listed building having not gained the appropriate listed building consent, the penalties imposed can be very severe – it is actually a criminal offence to make changes to a listed building without gaining consent! Luckily, Consult Construct and our chartered surveyors Kent understand how to work with listed building and all the relevant paperwork which must be organised prior to starting a project.

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Unless you have been in the construction industry and understand the ins and outs of planning applications, it can be difficult to know whether your project will need planning permission or not.  This is why we at Consult Construct offer pre-planning advice.  We can help guide you through the entire planning process from the initial point of finding out if permission will be needed.

Planning permission is the formal consent provided through the local authority to give the go ahead for certain construction processes to be undertaken.  It is an important aspect of many building projects, and should the correct permission not be obtained, potential building projects can very quickly get into a lot of trouble.  Ask us at Consult Construct for our pre-planning advice – we can help you understand if planning permission will be required on your project.

Consult Construct are highly experienced in the construction industry – we understand fully how the process for applying for planning permission works, and we are able to offer sound advice on all aspects of planning.  We are an established and well respected surveyor who can ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

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