Principal Designer CDM

To abide by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM Regulations), building projects must have an allocated ‘principal designer’ who takes control of the pre-construction of any project which involves more than one contractor.  Put simply, the role of a principal designer is to

  • Manage health and safety during the pre-construction phase including working with other contractors during the project to limit and prevent health and safety risks
  • Help and advise the client to bring all the pre-build information together and to make sense of all the regulations necessary when dealing with a building project
  • Act as a communication point between the client and any other contractors as necessary during the build

Choosing Consult Construct to act as your principal designer ensure that you are going to successfully run your project from start to finish.  We are highly experienced in the pre-build phase of a development and can help guide you through this important first step in any project.

We can assist with any size project, from a small domestic home extension through to a more complex, larger scale building renovation.  We are even experienced in handling Listed buildings and are able to manage all the legal paperwork and regulations necessary to ensure a safe and successful build.

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The CDM regulations, or Construction Design and Management regulations (2015) are the main set of regulations all building projects must follow.  They cover areas such as health and safety of construction projects.

The prinicpal designer acts as a means of communication between client and their contractors.  They also have to manage and look after all aspects of health and safety on a project, particularly ensuring that all risks are minimized for a safe build.

Consult Construct are highly experienced in all areas of construction works from simple extensions through to large scale renovations.  We offer a highly skilled team ready to help guide you through your prospective build project and can act as principal designer for your project.

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