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There are so many buildings and other structures in London today that not all of them are going to be perfect. In fact, a large amount of all the properties in London will be suffering from a problem, whether it be damp, insect infestations, mould growth or dilapidated party walls. Some may even have structural problems which are catastrophic to the condition and longevity of the house. The fabric of a building wears over time, which is why you need a surveyor to conduct a survey. A property surveyor can also identify any problems with the plot itself like a party wall being out of place.

Most mortgage lenders will expect potential homeowners to seek a RICS homebuyer report, also known as a full structural survey, prior to them lending money to buy the property. This is to ensure that the property in question is built to a good standard and is worth the value which it is being sold at.

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London Building Surveys

Building surveys are wide ranging inspections of property, which are useful for getting a detailed evaluation of the condition of the property you are either living in or buying.  There can be different “levels” of report, which go into detail about the condition and other aspects of the property.

Whilst a structural survey London is a useful report for most property, these types of surveys can be most appropriate for:

  • Listed buildings
  • Older property
  • Unusual constructions
  • Buildings you expect to renovate or alter
  • Buildings which have already been altered or renovated

A building survey will look at all visible and accessible parts of the property, including the roof, walls, floors, windows and doors, chimney, cellar, garages and outbuildings as appropriate.  The building surveyor is legally responsible to discover and report on any major concerns within a property, so we actively look out for potential problems and defects with the building.

Property Condition Reports London

When you seek a structural survey in London, it is possible to tailor the survey to your needs to a certain degree.  As there is no specific format for a building survey report, we can include any areas of concern for you.  If required, we can include a property valuation.

When we conduct a structural survey, we look at a wide range of potential issues including testing for damp, checking for any evidence of renovation which have been applied without the correct planning permissions, presence of any hazardous materials such as asbestos, any damage to the roof, the impact of any large trees nearby and more.  We can check the materials which were used to build the property as well as give our own recommendations for further investigations on the property.

A structural survey, also known as a building survey, is a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of a property. It is the best survey to acquire when buying a new property as it will provide a detailed report on the property’s condition and give a reasonable valuation of it based on the results. The survey is likely to be split up into sections, covering the buildings specific elements and identifying problems in them. The report will also state a likely cause of these problems along with the severity and cost of repair. Building surveys are conducted by chartered surveyors. It is vital you make sure your licensed surveyor is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors so that the report is reliable and from a trained professional.

Structural surveys are most useful to buyers of property as they state everything a buyer needs to know about the property. This applies especially to new homeowners as knowing the true condition and therefore value of the house is an important part of agreeing on a good deal with the seller. Getting a building survey when buying an old or damaged building is also very important as it could reveal something you were previously unaware of which could’ve jeopardized the purchase.

A structural survey is a very important part of the buying, or indeed selling, process. When buying, it is vital the buyer knows everything they need to before making an offer on the property, so that there are no unpleasant surprises. A seller could use a less comprehensive survey so that they have a good idea of what price the property should be on the market for. Either way, knowing everything you can about your property or soon to be property can help. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

In short, a structural survey includes a building inspection, a full survey report and a property valuation. First, the building inspection which involves a visual inspection of all accessible parts of the building from basement to roof. Any outbuildings will also be explored. Next, a full and in-depth report will be constructed for the buyer to peruse. This report will be full of everything that was observed during the building inspection along with detailed explanations and any further data that can be gathered. Finally, a property evaluation can be given, based on the condition of the property and its popularity on the market at the time.

It is essential that you hire a licensed, RICS regulated chartered surveyor such as ourselves here at Consult Construct. The surveyor must be regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors because it would be foolish to employ an unlicensed surveyor to produce such a critical piece of information for you. It is vital you get an official surveyor so that your report can be relied on when making decisions.

If your surveyor is regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, yes you can. Here at Consult Construct, we offer comprehensive building surveys of the highest quality and all our surveyors are regulated by the RICS. This will give you piece of mind, when waiting for your structural survey, that your money has been well spent on a high-quality review of your chosen property. Get in touch through our contact page today or call us on 01227 767770.

The price of a structural survey depends on the depth and detail of the survey you require. Your standard home survey may cost around the £500 area. However, high quality surveys can reach in excess of £2000, especially for larger projects.

If you need someone to carry out a structural survey in London or Kent then get in touch with us today. Call us on 01227 767 770 or email to see how we can help take the stress out of your construction project.