Sustainability Statements

Providing a detailed and qualified Sustainability Statement can play a significant part in helping your development receive planning approval.

Consult Construct have developed considerable expertise working with numerous local authorities in meeting their specific planning objectives. This allows us to quickly target bespoke reports to make sure the specific requirements are met in full.

The Statement will concentrate on several key areas, including:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs)
  • Biodiversity
  • Water resources
  • Material
  • Construction

The statement demonstrates how local planning policy targets can be met and offers guidance on which actions should be taken if the scheme is not meeting the mandatory requirements.

The Green Plaque

The Green Plaque is designed to assess the environmental performance of existing homes and the way the residents live within them. It is an excellent tool for RSL’s and Local Authority stock managers to encourage residents to set themselves a set of ambitious goals towards making long lasting change. This will aid the landlord to assess those elements that are impacting the resident the most.

Our team has experience and knowledge in making these assessments, along with realistic and pragmatic recommendations taking into account resident engagement.

Circular Economy Statement

The new London Plan Policy S17, supports development proposals that apply circular economy principles and aim to be net zero-waste, requiring a Circular Economy Statement to be submitted. Consult Construct are skilled in working with our clients in meeting these objectives where supply chains allow and providing the necessary report and data to allow this requirement to be explored.